Space-saving Storage Solutions Bathroom

  • Whatsapp – Toilet and towel cabinets in need of repair? With these genius ideas for maximizing bathroom storage, you’ll beat the clutter From bathroom cabinet storage to space-saving organizations, you’ll never feel so inspired to tackle your small bathroom storage problems!

Do you have limited space in the bathroom? I know firsthand how frustrating it is to feel disorganized simply because of space constraints. Let’s face it, there are a lot of items we all need quick access to in the bathroom.

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Space-saving Storage Solutions Bathroom

Space-saving Storage Solutions Bathroom

However, it is possible to have a beautiful bathroom and create enough storage space with the small area you have. Designers and do-it-yourselfers alike have shared creative solutions for organizing small bathrooms that keep items useful, organized, and even stylish. Today I’m posting some of my favorites to inspire you to spruce up your minimalist space with some nature ideas. Enjoy!

In Matte Black Bathroom Wall Shelf

How cool is this amazing invention? A full-length mirror on hinges that opens to reveal tons of storage It attaches to door hinges and folds away, making full use of even the smallest spaces This works even when your door is next to a wall Find it here

They have a few options that work similarly, like a towel bar series, a mirrored medicine cabinet option, and an armory cabinet that hangs behind the door.

Add shelves and baskets above the toilet for extra shelving, like in this beautiful bathroom. Notice how the electrical outlet is also included You can then place an electric toothbrush or razor on the dresser shelf to maximize counter space.

This is one of my absolute favorite ideas! Open rear doors create great storage options with towel racks, hangers and more. You can also buy portable towel bars for rent

Cula Modern White 7 Shelf Space Saver Cabinet By Furniture Of America

Hooks are an easy way to use wall space for extra storage You can hang many items:

Vertical storage is a must, especially with little counter space We love this rotating makeup organizer It’s tall enough for full-size bottles and divided for easy access and grouping

It’s actually a lot easier than you think! Medicine cabinets have come a long way in terms of beauty and style You can mount or wall mount them for easy hidden storage.

Space-saving Storage Solutions Bathroom

How to install a recessed cabinet: Cut the drywall, measure the space between the studs and buy the right size medicine cabinet. Because most standard sized modern homes require specific spacing between studs This project takes less than an hour!

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Get everyone your basket with these quick small bathroom organization ideas Instead of rummaging through drawers, arrange items in easy-to-access bathroom storage containers.

You can put more in the basket than a simple shelf style, keeping everything neat and organized Notice how all the items have the same color scheme? This keeps baskets from looking cluttered and overflowing Adding printed labels ensures that items are returned to their original location

These open trays are large enough to hold or your desk, so you can save drawer space for those less frequently used items. For more ideas, check out our other decorating ideas for using tiered trays

No counter space? No problem. Use temporary shelves for bottles and brushes above the sink Floating shelves like these are fantastic for small spaces like bathrooms because of their compact size and modern fixtures.

Space Saving Storage Ideas That Will Maximize Your Small Bathroom

And how cute is this vase mug? I’ve seen similar ideas using mason jars, plastic cups, and toothbrush cups designed to be attached to the wall.

Don’t have a linen closet? No problem! Use a small hutch outside the bathroom to store large items such as towels, spare toiletries and frequently used items.

Navigating life with many small bathrooms, one of my favorite sanity-saving tips is to set up a commercial area separate from the bathroom. This works especially well with dorm life or roommates who share bathroom time/space.

Space-saving Storage Solutions Bathroom

Since small bathrooms by their nature lack horizontal space, you’ll need to think vertically for new organization ideas. For example, baskets aren’t just for shelves! Use simple wall-hung baskets for toiletries and laundry

Over The Toilet Storage

It’s genius! Use the outer rod for your shower curtain and liner, and then use the inner rod for hanging storage like bath sponges or quick-dry pockets with pockets like this one. Pairs with a tension pole cap or shore head cage for maximum storage I do not recommend suction shower accessories as they tend to fall off

If you have the room, like a cool ladder shelf for a small bathroom In some bathrooms, you can take advantage of the space between the toilet and the bathroom for such a toilet

Use every inch of space (even the space above the door)! I love this genius idea While the shelf in the picture looks too tall to me, there are many options that will be lower and make it easier to use on a daily basis.

Don’t forget small cabinet doors! I have a post on the best kitchen and bathroom cabinet storage ideas

Bathroom Space Saving Ideas: Practical Tips To Make The Most Of This Place

We all have little things that get lost in drawers You can use handy drawer dividers in bins to easily pull out essentials. Other ways to divide storage are mason jars with lids, adjustable drawer dividers and square tins with clear lids.

Install magnetic sheets (galvanized steel) on your cabinet doors for more space. There are also many magnetic organizers such as toothbrush holders, magnetic needle holder strips and personal tools such as scissors, scissors or tweezers. The metal pins will stay attached to the tape until you need them!

I’m all about finding hidden storage and this gem is my favorite For the bathroom or kitchen, install special hinges and trays for extra storage in those useless drawer areas.

Space-saving Storage Solutions Bathroom

Other styles include narrow stacking drawers, double expandable double door shelves and simple tiered baskets. The ability to pull out the tray and easily access the back of the cabinet makes full use of storage space.

Genius Ideas For Better Small Bathroom Storage • Craving Some Creativity

Repurposing kitchen cabinets for bathrooms is perfect for maximizing counter space. Spice racks are basically wide enough for small bottles A paper towel holder works wonders for bracelets, hair ties or scarves.

How cute is that?! These stackable and rolling containers are perfect for counter storage and space saving

If you’re looking for more bathroom organization ideas, subscribers to our newsletter can find beautiful custom printable tags and more!

Many ideas include installing a medicine cabinet, shelf on the wall or above the appliance One of our favorite ideas is hidden storage which makes for great shelving both full length mirrors and hidden behind any door. Viagdo Over The Toilet Storage Cabinet, Tall Bathroom Cabinet Organizer With Cupboard And Adjustable Shelves, Freestanding Toilet Shelf Space Saver Rack Stand For Laundry Room, Balcony, Brown

In a small bathroom without natural light, the bathroom will feel larger with light and pastel shades. Be sure to light the space properly for the greatest effect

After purging items that are no longer useful, there are several ways to organize them, including grouping by category, grouping by frequency of use, and (my personal favorite) organizing bathroom products.

Organizing small bathrooms is possible! A small bathroom is not an obstacle for storing all the necessary tools for preparation and filling. I hope you like this idea!

Space-saving Storage Solutions Bathroom

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Space Saving Bathroom Storage: Small Bathrooms

Rebecca Henderson is a freelance design and decor writer with over three years of experience in design, architecture and everything in between.

Small bathrooms seem to be the bane of renters (and older homeowners) everywhere The bathroom becomes the landing place for many things that just need a place to go, and saving a small space is a difficult task. Luckily, we’ve rounded up 22 of our favorite small bathroom organization ideas—read on and get ready to reorganize.

To add extra space to your small bathroom, look for a narrow shelf unit like the Fresh Space here. You’ll be surprised how much extra space it offers Also, if you have a shelving unit that blends into your already tight space, use a glass that visually doesn’t take up too much space.

Baskets are a great way to add stylish, understated space to your small bathroom. They are a great choice for storing bulk items like toilet paper rolls or small bathroom accessories.

Elevate Your Bathroom With Tower Cabinets

Your bathroom counters are a great place for items you use every day

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