Effective Bathroom Organization Hacks

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hintsdeco.shop – These great bathroom organization ideas will help you keep your space clean and tidy so you can get ready for your day more efficiently!

Ah, the bathrooms! We use them all the time. They are an important part of the morning preparation process and our sleep routine at night. But they can get tangled and tangled easily!

Effective Bathroom Organization Hacks

Effective Bathroom Organization Hacks

Morning and evening routines are much easier to follow when our bathrooms are clean and tidy, so I wanted to share some of the best tips I’ve learned after years and years of organizing to help keep bathrooms tidy.

Clever Bathroom Storage Ideas

No matter what space I’m tackling, I always start with cleaning. If we don’t clear our space before we organize our things, we’re not organizing. We are in the process of tidying up our mess!

I agree that most of us have tons of stuff in our closets and bathroom cabinets that we no longer love/use. So, the first step to transforming messy spaces like this…

I know shopping for cute boxes is part of the fun, so it’s tempting to start our organization project with this one. But if we wait a little longer, we’ll be doing ourselves a huge favor.

Before buying, we want to clear out everything that no longer belongs in our space. Then we sort the remaining items into categories.

Declutter The Bathroom

This helps us know exactly what to store and how much space it will take. Once we’ve completed an inventory of all the items that need to be stored in the space and taken measurements of the space itself, it’s time to decide which containers to use.

I always like to look around my house first and see if I already have any dishes that work in the space. When I’ve exhausted all the options I already have,

Cubs can easily turn into a black hole. It’s so easy to throw everything into them and worry about not finding it later. But our closets work much better for us if we divide them up.

Effective Bathroom Organization Hacks

The best closet storage options depend on the size of the closet and what we want to store in it.

Bathroom Shelf Ideas That Add Storage And Look Great

In my deep bathroom drawers, I used a 6″ x 6″ square box to store some of my hair gels and sprays, and smaller boxes for bobby pins and bobby pins.

In my kids’ bathroom closets, I used smaller boxes to break up the space and give each item a designated place.

Boxes are great in closets, but sometimes they can be frustrating if they slide around too much!

My favorite solution for this museum is Gel. Just a small dot of clear material in each bottom corner of the box holds it in place and prevents it from sliding.

Bathroom Organization Ideas For Daily Essentials And Items

It can be difficult to use all the available space inside bathroom cabinets, but drawers are one of my favorite ways to do it. I like drawers better than stacking boxes with lids because I don’t have to take them apart and put them back together to get everything I need.

Again, everything is instantly available – I don’t have to disassemble or reassemble anything to get what I need!

In our current home, I use clear storage bins to store toilet paper in my son’s bathroom.

Effective Bathroom Organization Hacks

I think labels can add a little extra flair to any organizational project. But even more than that, they help other people in our household maintain the systems we’ve created! No one can tell me, “I didn’t know where the hairbrush went!” when I have a box with a big label that says Hair Brushes and Ties.

How To Organize Your Bathroom Cabinets For An Efficient, Tidy Space

It’s tempting to fill closets and vanity cabinets with everything we need. But then we spend a ton of time rummaging through things to find things we don’t use.

To keep our toilet cleaner and our frequently used items more accessible, I try to only stock things that I use regularly.

The basket-everything strategy has worked incredibly well for me in our bathroom and in the kitchen. I have a bin in my closet for things that I still have to carry but only use occasionally (like bubble bath, extra cotton swabs or q-tips, hair products that I only use for special occasions, etc.). right next to the bathroom.

This way, my stuff is still easily accessible but doesn’t get in the way of my everyday items and vanity.

Ways To Organize Your Bathroom {organizing With Style}

Hair extensions can be a pain because they often come with long, unruly cords and can get stuck in the wrong place.

I found this organizer to be perfect for storing hair dryers, curling irons and flat irons.

Whenever I can, I try to buy accessories with a retractable cord (like the hair dryer pictured above) so they can be stored neatly.

Effective Bathroom Organization Hacks

It comes in handy for easily moving cleaning products from room to room, and the cart is perfect for that! Bonus points if they’re a nice color – maybe cleaning is in order

Bathroom Storage Baskets And Organization

Since our toilet is in its own separate room in our master bathroom, it was important to keep the toilet paper in the same place!

There isn’t a ton of floor space available, so using a vertical wall was the best solution. I used a simple cabinet like this one to store toilet paper and display cute accessories.

One of the easiest ways to keep your bathroom clean is to keep the counters as bright as possible!

But we’ll inevitably need a few key items, so stacking them with a tray or cake stand is a great way to display a few things while keeping them clean.

Flush Out The Clutter: 9 Best Bathroom Organization Ideas

Herbs are not just for seasoning! They’re great for storing all kinds of things, including makeup, skincare, and other essentials we want to keep close at hand.

Mount them on the wall next to the sink for easy access while keeping items out of the sink.

I use these acrylic spice racks to store my makeup in my closet, but the same system can be used in the bathroom.

Effective Bathroom Organization Hacks

Especially if we are working with a small space, we don’t want the area above the toilet to go to waste!

Best Bathroom Storage Ideas And Designs For 2023

Placing floating shelves in this space is a great way to display a few decorative items and store some bathroom essentials.

One of my basic organizational rules in our house is, “Make it easy to put things away!” Towel bars don’t follow this rule, so if possible I install hooks instead.

In our last house we installed a small decorative piece on the wall and attached hooks to it in our boys bathroom…

This is another way to add storage and decoration at the same time. We will use the basket to store a few sheets of toilet paper or other accessories that would be useful in this space.

Easy Ways To Fit In Extra Bathroom Storage

This may seem counterintuitive. After all, it’s called a “first aid kit”. But in reality, the humidity and temperature changes in the bathroom are not suitable for medicines, so they must be stored elsewhere.

In our current house, I have aquabins in the closet that hold all of our medicine and first aid supplies…

In our last house, the linen closet was in the hallway, not the bathroom, so I could keep my medicine there.

Effective Bathroom Organization Hacks

While not great for actual medicine, medicine cabinets can be a useful place to store toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, and other accessories to keep them off the counter.

Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas For A Gorgeous Space

To keep everything neat and tidy in the medicine cabinet, use smaller boxes and containers to store things inside the cabinet.

Our current house has a good size shower…with places or shelves to store shower supplies! At first I tried hanging the tub over the shower head, but it kept falling and getting in the way.

Since we have a lot of space in the shower, this “shower tower” was a great solution for storing shampoo, conditioner, soap, face wash and more.

If the floor won’t allow you to install your shower, try installing a hook on the top of the shower tile or tub and hang the bowl there instead of over the shower head. That way we still have a place to store things, but it’s out of the way and doesn’t keep falling over.

Clever Bathroom Organizer Ideas For Bathrooms Large And Small

My parents use this strategy in their bathroom, attaching a hook to the opposite end of the shower from the shower head.

We now have what I call “the world’s smallest laundry closet.” It’s half the depth of a regular closet and not that wide at all.

When we first moved in, I tried to store all my sheets and towels in this little space and it was

Effective Bathroom Organization Hacks

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