Easy Diy Bathroom Remodeling

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hintsdeco.shop – Want to tackle a DIY bathroom but haven’t taken on a project so big that you don’t know what to expect?

You’ve come to the right place! We recently renovated TWO bathrooms, so we wanted to share all of our tips, tricks, and mistakes. I will show you what you are

Easy Diy Bathroom Remodeling

Easy Diy Bathroom Remodeling

This article will walk you through the entire bathroom renovation process from start to finish, especially for new DIYers. You will see:

Top 7 Tips For A Successful Diy Bathroom Remodel

I’ll take it with me as we renovate two bathrooms (minus the tub/shower) in one week using our blood, sweat and tears. Yes, there was blood, it was mine, and it was a small area (when you installed the nice vinyl tile).

We are normal people like you, although I have a talented husband and this was the first time we did a big project on our own. I thought our bathroom makeover (and mistakes) might help other first-timers!

After reading this, you can confidently start your DIY bathroom and get amazing results that will last for decades.

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Diy Bathroom Makeover That Doesn’t Look Cheap

First of all, I needed to come up with a plan before we started the show. We had a deadline of one week to finish TWO bathrooms, and that’s when we took the job to “take a break”. First I needed to know what I wanted to do.

This is the fun part – searching Pinterest and Instagram for great bathroom design ideas. If you have basements or water closets, stop by and look around. If you can, take samples of the tile, flooring, and paint. Even Home Depot and Down is a good source for inspiration.

Choosing the color of the style and the basic style are two actions that should be completed immediately, as this will help narrow down your shopping options.

Easy Diy Bathroom Remodeling

Search online using the chosen name of the style “modern bathroom design ideas” or the color design “white and white bathroom ideas” on Pinterest and upload it! Many things may be out of reach, but this can give you an idea of ​​the type of structure and style you should strive for in your design plan.

Insider Bathroom Remodeling Tips For Diyers

A great article in Home Life to help you choose materials, finishes, and colors is “Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing Materials for Bathroom Remodeling.”

One way to save time and money is to leave things where they are. For example, changing the shape of the bathroom will be more difficult than replacing the existing one. If this is your first DIY bathroom renovation, I suggest you just replace what you already have.

When designing, you can also use other parts of your home to create a design. For example, our kitchen cabinets are white, so I wanted our bathroom cabinets to match that color.

Our basement was a beautiful wood-like vinyl, so I knew I wanted a bathroom floor in the same color – gray or black.

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas On A Budget

You don’t have to do this if you want a beige bathroom and a blue kitchen – that’s fine too! You can always use accent colors such as wallpaper, rugs, curtains, furniture or artwork to bring the two rooms together.

Another way to use what you already have is to keep some of your bathroom accessories that are still in good condition. This may mean using or scrapping existing junk, or saving or scrapping your hardware.

I decided to keep some of the pieces I recently updated in the same bathroom: the black mirror, the floor, and the black furniture. This made me want to use black, gray and white in both bathrooms.

Easy Diy Bathroom Remodeling

We chose a 12″ x 24″ ceramic floor tile from Home Depot called Ray Black. It was less than $2 per square foot, so that’s great!

Diy Bathroom Ideas

Once you’ve drawn inspiration and come up with a design plan and color scheme, you need to create your budget…

According to Home Advisor, the average bathroom renovation in the US costs $10,000 and depending on where you live, that can cost more (or less). For a small DIY bathroom renovation, the cost of a basic renovation can be $5,000.

In San Diego, California, a complete bathroom renovation will cost between $9,000 and $13,830 per bathroom. That is, we do most of the work ourselves, except for the shower/bath (that’s why we hire professionals).

If you leave the shower/tub outside, it will cost $1,500 to $5,000 if you do it yourself. Showers/baths account for 70% of our total cost, possibly due to the specialized work involved.

Bathroom Vanity Ideas You Can Diy In A Day

I like to shop online and cut digital photos and put them in Microsoft Powerpoint to make a nice presentation. Now you can make sure everything “flows” together and fits your design plan.

When I buy, I write down the source of each item and its price in the notes. This makes up for my budget and good times at the same time. Now I can remember where everything came from when shopping. Here is my first budget based on my intuition:

This will give you great value with no labor, materials or small items you may need (paint, paint supplies, pipes, cables, switches, baseboards, grout, etc.).

Easy Diy Bathroom Remodeling

Do you want to get bathroom remodeling ideas on a budget so you can start your bathroom renovation right away? Read on…

Diy Shower Remodel Modern Walk In Tile Shower

This is a big step because you need to know who will hire you. According to Home Advisor, nearly 50% of bathroom remodeling costs come from labor.

A handyman may be able to install items such as ready-to-install vanities, sink faucets, vanity lights, toilets, and premium vinyl flooring or waterproof flooring.

For some things, like installing a shower, a real stone tile floor, or a backsplash, I recommend professional or specialized work.

Tools and other small things can really be used. Don’t forget this part because you will need a lot of special tools for molding, molding and painting.

Diy Bathroom Remodel Ideas

A large tile rental we found at Home Depot cost $85 for 24 hours. We worked late at night to get the baby back in time.

It’s a really useful tip for your budget and time constraints for a DIY bathroom renovation. When renovating your bathroom, keep in mind that this room has been exposed to a lot of water and moisture over time. Either way, once you put things away or open the walls, you may find something unusual.

Asbestos, clay and tertite are real. If your home was built before 1980, it probably has one (or more) of the above. Additionally, in some older homes, some of the old paint may contain paint that is called rust, which is also a concern when you are painting walls or removing stains.

Easy Diy Bathroom Remodeling

In our case, we started showing our tile on Friday night, and found a piece of tile under the tile. I looked and saw that it was just one old, thin, ugly asbestos tile.

Cottage Bathroom Renovation Before And After

We shut everything down, left it alone, and tested it the next day at a local lab (Yelp helped me find one). The results came back positive for asbestos and we called two asbestos abatement companies to get it removed properly (Yelp again).

We bought professional asbestos bricks for $1,000 per 30 square meters. There was a delay of about two days, but while we waited we worked on another bathroom.

This also changed our design plan for the rest of the bathroom. We decided to put those nice electric vinyl sheets over the tiles instead of tearing them up.

We chose Travertine Mist beautiful vinyl tile from Duralux from Floor and Decor. It was easy to install in 1 day and I was very pleased with how well it went.

Tips For Remodeling A Bath For Resale

If you think you have asbestos, clay, lead paint or termites, I recommend calling a professional to fix the problem. Ignoring this can cause health problems in the future, so this is an important point.

These tips are flexible and take precautions when renovating your bathroom.

If you’re considering DIY bathroom remodeling and haven’t remodeled a bathroom before or in a long time, DON’T SKIP THE STEP.

Easy Diy Bathroom Remodeling

Also, don’t be like us and watch a how-to video when you’re going to do something. There is something you have never done or bought that you wish you had known about 2 or 3 days ago.

Easy Diy Bathroom Accent Wall Ideas

So, a few days before you start the project, be sure to go to YouTube and see what you’re going to learn (click the link below for a YouTube video that we found very helpful).

I hope you get the picture. For the tile, we rented an iron for the day before we started looking at the tile.

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