Diy Eco-friendly Bathroom Updates

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If you’re looking to transform your bathroom or remodel the space with a completely new look, a great way to start is by choosing the right color to match your desired aesthetic. While some may fall in love with the warm colors of red, orange or yellow variations, others may lean towards cooler hues like teal, aqua, and cobalt. One color that stands out on the cool color wheel is green.

Diy Eco-friendly Bathroom Updates

Diy Eco-friendly Bathroom Updates

In addition to adding a strong natural ambiance to a room, painting your bathroom green (or incorporating it into the design) is an easy way to evoke feelings of peace and security. Your bathroom can be a safe haven of solitude, so weaving in greenery will only complement the feeling of calm and renew your desire. Add a pop of color to an overly white room with a forest green dresser, or add a pop of mint to shower curtains and patterned walls. Or, if you prefer to make a bolder statement, paint and design the entire bathroom in different shades of green, from sage and emerald, to neon and fern, and create a captivating experience for you and your guests when they enter. Whatever comes to mind, browse our green bathroom ideas below for creative and unique inspiration.

Small Bathroom Ideas On A Budget In India

For an overall clear space, incorporate a variety of green shades into your bathroom decor. The golden lighting, bold wallpaper and intricate floor plan create a unique contrast throughout the room.

Adding a warm shade of green to the ceiling creates a pop of color in an overall white space. Designed by Jennifer Berno DeCleene, the bathroom’s large windows frame the clawfoot tub, helping to bring in light for an airy, radiant feel.

With walls covered in newspaper, this bathroom’s hunter green vanity becomes the focal point of the room’s design. The antique medicine stand is used as a towel holder, adding to the vintage charm.

Painting your bathroom a dark shade of green, like Benjamin Moore’s Ashwood Moss, creates an earthy vibe. The white tub becomes a focal point and adds light to the dark aesthetic.

Industrial Bathroom Uses Environmentally Friendly Polymer Composite Material Smc Product Bathtub

With white walls and soft gray patterned floors, the eye-catching design in this bathroom’s look is the soft shade of green in the tub. The addition of floral prints and fresh flowers only adds to the relaxing ambiance.

Designing your bathroom with pistachio walls adds energy to the space. Pair it with a colorful striped shower curtain and you get a bold, vibrant contrast.

Decorate your powder room with bright green wallpaper for a fresh finish. The vintage chest and oil paintings add a quirky touch to the room.

Diy Eco-friendly Bathroom Updates

The hunter green hue of the vanity mirror and flea market chest makes a bold statement when paired with the white walls.

Stunning Bathroom Remodel Ideas To Inspire Your Renovation

If you have a small bathroom (or any room) with low ceilings, you can add the feeling of height by placing your artwork on the floor instead of the walls. The greenery throughout the space is a refreshing touch.

Designer Mandi Gubler gave this bathroom a boho-themed look, with an oversized map against the emerald wall. The surrounding white walls and wooden floor add contrast to the space.

For a rustic look, use brass hardware in your bathroom design. Anchoring the leather-covered mirror adds a cabin feel to the room, while complementing the white walls and green lights.

For an unexpected look, install a wall-mounted faucet and plumbing fixture to repurpose a vintage soda-cooling cart into a sink.

Ways To Beautify A Small Bathroom Without Remodeling

Use Benjamin Moore’s Bunker Hill on your walls to replicate the rustic feel of your bathroom. The color makes the white pop in the room, matching the wooden furniture.

This walk-in shower cultivates an elegant atmosphere. Use a ceiling-mounted curtain to create the illusion of higher ceilings.

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Diy Eco-friendly Bathroom Updates

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Add color and pattern with easy-to-clean, high humidity-resistant coated wallpaper, or create your own graphic wallcovering, economical peel and stick designs available.

Bathroom Design Ideas To Transform Your Space In 2023

It uses battery-powered LED wax pillars to create a candlelit effect without the risk of fire. Install reclaimed wall sconces to keep them and give your bathroom an instant ambiance.

Hang handy towels on a flea market coat rack. Just be sure to seal its emergency finish under clear polyurethane. Or, for a more classic look, transform towels into decorative accents with a row of Shaker-style clothespins.

Give your built-in bath a vintage charm by cladding the exterior. To protect against wood edge rot, make the deck of plywood topped with a sheet of waterproof laminate and cover only the edges with solid material. Use exterior grade beadboard plywood for the sides and edge the bottom with baseboard.

Diy Eco-friendly Bathroom Updates

Or create a rustic, rust-proof finish for your built-in bath with galvanized steel corrugated roof panels. Find all these materials for under $100 at home centers.

Primary Bathroom Ideas

Nestled between matching pedestal sinks, a vintage tile-backed sink creates a his-and-hers vanity for much less money than a newer dresser-style model.

Easy-to-hang recessed mirrors don’t require a wall-breaking frame like recessed medicine cabinets do. Because they are easy to replace, you can change the style of your bathroom in an instant with mirrors from resale stores.

In the confines of a bathroom, a small investment can make a big impact with an accent wall made of subway tile. Bringing the tile up to the ceiling will make the room appear taller. There are many color options to choose from, and tiles start at 99 cents per square foot at Home Depot.

Forgo expensive shades and dress up a window with painted shutters instead. The louvered design on top offers privacy without blocking the light, and the adjustable slats let you direct the sun’s rays.

How To Make Your Bathrooms More Eco Friendly With Types Of Toilets With New Technology For Water Conservation

Add some variety underfoot by combining textures, like wood planks and pebble tiles surrounding the tub, for an unexpected touch that brings the great outdoors inside.

Give the ceiling a lift with this budget-friendly bathroom idea, covering it with beads and extending it along the walls a few inches for a canopy effect. Paint it a calm shade of sky blue to evoke old-timey porch ceilings.

Vinyl composition tiles offer a long-lasting and economical alternative to a two-tone ceramic tile floor. To get the look of small squares, use a vinyl tile cutter to cut 12-inch tiles into 4-inch tiles.

Diy Eco-friendly Bathroom Updates

Transform a mirrored dresser into a sink cabinet by cutting a cutout in the top for a built-in sink. Find affordable but characterful dressers at garage sales and flea markets. You can choose to keep the unique look of the original surface or refinish the piece for a clean, vintage look.

How To Refresh Your Entire Bathroom In 5 Simple Steps

A custom crescent backsplash gives a wooden vanity the look of a vintage sink. Instead of warp-prone wood, use a sheet of marine-grade polymer that’s easy to cut with a jigsaw and doesn’t require painting.

Refresh a vintage tile floor with an eco-friendly, homeowner-friendly acid etch that removes ground-in dirt from the surface and grout. This is a particularly economical way to enhance and celebrate original design features in an older home.

Hang a chandelier for a touch of sophistication in an unexpected place, like over the tub. A unique fixture draws attention to a bathroom’s high ceilings to make the space appear larger. Look for rewired, ready-to-install light fixtures salvaged from old homes.

A coat of paint makes all the difference. Create a striking monochromatic effect by painting the walls to match your floors, or try two-tone walls separated by a chair rail. Both of these eye-catching options will create visual harmony.

Incredible Weekend Bathroom Makeovers To Inspire Your Next Project

Refine the rustic look by whitewashing the reclaimed boards; It’s a simple and economical way to add character to your walls.

Customize plain sheets of white mesh-backed floor tiles with colorful accents. Design a pattern, pop out the white tiles,

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